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Willie Rennie MSP Leader of the Scottish Liberal DemocratsThe Liberal Democrats are working to build a stronger economy in a fairer society, enabling everyone to get on in life.

That's why in Government we have given 24 million people a £700 tax cut, created 1 million jobs and helped 1.5 million apprentices.

We are the only party that can anchor Britain in the centre ground, ensuring we have sustainable growth and equality of opportunity.

Labour can't be trusted with the economy, in government they would drag Britain to the left, borrowing too much, spending too much and risking the recovery.

And the Conservatives can't be trusted to treat people fairly. If Liberal Democrats weren't in Government, the Tories would focus attention on the best-off, let employers fire staff without cause and allow schools to be run for profit.

Only the Liberal Democrats can be trusted to build a stronger economy in a fairer society, enabling every person to get on in life.

Recent updates

  • Article: Apr 21, 2015

    Remember to make your volunteers welcome, and to put their generously-given time to the best use, writes Mark Pack.

    Probably only older activists now remember Pat Wainwright, the doyenne of the front of house at Parliamentary by-elections for years. She was brilliant at meeting you like a long lost friend (even if you'd only met once before, half-hidden behind a pile of leaflets) and shepherding you out of the door with something useful to do as quickly as possible.

  • key_rural-economy.jpg
    Article: Apr 21, 2015

    Liberal Democrats have set out a package of measure to help rural areas thrive.

    The plans set out by Nick Clegg in a Countryside Charter will create more than 300,000 new jobs and ensure people living in rural areas have access to the facilities they need to prosper.

    The Charter includes measures to improve high speed internet provisions in rural areas, keep local services open and secure the future of the farming industry.

  • Article: Apr 20, 2015

    Scottish Liberal Democrat Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael has said that the SNP's manifesto is short-term thinking lead to long term debt.

    At the launch of the SNP's General Election Manifesto today, Nicola Sturgeon confirmed the SNP's £180bn borrowing plan - which would cost £3.1bn each year in interest repayments alone.

  • Article: Apr 20, 2015

    The era of the single party government is over, and it is only the Liberal Democrats who will add a heart to a Conservative government and a brain to a Labour one.

    Last week, we launched our manifesto, and it's a manifesto that has decency, tolerance and generosity at its very heart.

    Our priorities, which we have set out on the front page, include: balancing the budget fairly, giving opportunity to every child, fairer taxes, quality healthcare for all and a pledge to protect the environment.

  • key_green-energy.jpg
    Article: Apr 20, 2015

    Labour's green plans are a last minute attempt to grab green headlines.

    In opposition, Labour have been silent on green issues and no one should be fooled by their new promises.

    Labour should be judged by their record which is more Brown than green.

    They lobbied for a third runway at Heathrow, pushed a new coal power plant at Kingsnorth and left office with renewables contributing just five per cent of energy supply.

  • Article: Apr 20, 2015

    The Conservatives have admitted their Right to Buy housing scheme would damage communities. A letter sent to Lib Dem MP Tessa Munt in October 2013 by then Conservative Housing Minister Kris Hopkins reveals that at least some in the Conservative party know their policy is deeply unfair.

    By allowing social housing tenants to purchase their homes at a large discount, the Right to Buy policy will lead to longer waiting lists for homes and fewer social houses, doing nothing to tackle the country's affordable housing needs and only benefiting the lucky few.

  • key_nick-in-class.jpg
    Article: Apr 20, 2015

    Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg has announced a 'Five Point Plan' for teachers and parents.

    Nick has also criticised drastic Tory cuts which would slash £5.2bn from the education budget; threatening teachers' jobs and teacher training across the UK.

    The scale of Tory cuts is equivalent to axing four starter salary teachers in every school in England.

  • Article: Apr 19, 2015

    Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has warned that the SNP's hokey-cokey dance on how they would introduce their full fiscal autonomy plans is a diversionary tactic.

    It comes after SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, speaking on the Marr Show, repeated recent SNP claims that it would seek to gradually introduce full fiscal autonomy.

    Ahead of the SNP's manifesto launch tomorrow (Monday 20th April), Mr Rennie challenged the SNP once and for all to explain how they would fill a £7.6bn black hole caused by their plans.

    Mr Rennie said:

    "The SNP's hokey cokey on full fiscal autonomy is a diversionary tactic from the £7.6bn black hole it would blow in public funds.

    "The party that once said independence could be done and dusted in 18 months now says their plans for full fiscal autonomy could take years. We know that the SNP have a habit of saying one thing in public and another in private.

    "So they need to come clean and tell voters how they plan to fill this £7.6bn hole in public funds - is it through cuts or tax hikes?

    "In each of our eleven held seats it is clear that if you want economic stability, investment in our NHS and a stronger Scotland, you must vote Lib Dem."

  • Article: Apr 19, 2015

    The Conservatives are not being honest about the scale of the cuts they want to inflict on the country.

    They are not being honest about how they intend to pay for their major new spending commitments.

    During the TV debates and in the Conservative manifesto, David Cameron repeatedly said that Tory cuts would only amount to 'the equivalent of a normal household saving just £1 a year in every £100 it spends'.

  • Article: Apr 19, 2015

    Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has called on people across Scotland to keep the economic recovery on track.

    The call comes as he published Liberal Democrat analysis which lays bare the devastating impact the SNP's full fiscal autonomy plans would have on communities across Scotland.

    People in Glasgow, dubbed by the SNP as "Yes city" could face a near £1bn hit to public services under the SNP's plans which would see an £8.4bn black hole in public finances.

    Earlier this week, the Scottish Liberal Democrat published a dossier showing how the SNP have centralised the life out of Scotland.

    Commenting on the full fiscal autonomy analysis, Danny Alexander said:

    "These devastating figures lay bare the true cost of the SNP's plans to communities across Scotland. It shows that voting SNP is risky business if you want strong public services.

    "Only Liberal Democrats have put forward costed and responsible plans to balance the books by 2018. We'd cut less than the Conservatives and borrow less than the SNP and Labour.

    "The SNP's full fiscal autonomy plans would be felt even harshly in Scotland after they cut the ties of pooling and sharing across the UK. Our analysis shows that in Glasgow, local services could face a £1bn hit to already stretched resources. In the Highland's, this would represent a cut of over £356m.

    "The SNP have centralized the life out of Scotland. Their full fiscal autonomy plans would flatline the beating heart of local communities.

    "This shows why, on May 7th, people need to vote Liberal Democrat in each of our eleven held seats so that we can stop the SNP and guarantee the economic recovery for all."